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Vision & Mission

The basic objective of this association is to reach out to the needy and deserving people, especially Malayalees of the area and beyond, irrespective of caste, creed or religion. Our motto is “reach out to the needy with care and love”.


It is a matter of pride that within 5 years of its formation KMSS was able to purchase its own office premise which most of other Malayalee Samajams in Pune city could not achieve. But the entire credit for this goes to the Life Members of the KMSS, its donors and well-wishers, and the foresight and able leadership of its past leaders. Thus, we are able to conduct our regular meetings, dance classes and other activities in our own premises. KMSS also have a full-fledged library with maximum Malayalam books.


The Kondhwa Malayalee Seva Sangham is engaged in various cultural activities. The annual Onam Celebrations of the KMSS is a much sought after event in the Malayalees’ calendar of not only our area of operation but also of the Pune city. The annual family get-togethers of Life Members is always very special to its members.

It offers assistance and support to the needy without looking at the caste, creed, religion or linguistic lineage. It supports orphanages and old age homes by providing them with food and other day-to-day consumption items. In academic front, it offers scholarships to meritorious students and financial support to economically weaker students. At the time of untimely accidents or illness KMSS is the first to call on the economically weaker sections with financial help.

In medical front KMSS organizes free medical check-up camps, blood donation camps and also offer financial support to economically weaker patients.

It promotes cultural activities by providing performance opportunities to the budding artists. It also conducts dance classes regularly at its office premises. It also plans to conduct study classes for the younger generation to propagate Malayalam language and to impart training in positive thinking, leadership, interpersonal relationship, career guidance and personality development.


Broad Objectives & Aims of the KMSS

The aim of the Association shall be limited to socio-economic, cultural, literacy in mother tongue, sports activities, etc. and shall be apolitical in nature, i.e., having no special affiliation or leaning towards any political, religious, ethnic or linguistic groups or for any such considerations.  However, the Association shall not dissociate themselves from any worthy causes or activities, merely because such activities are initiated or sponsored by a political, religious or linguistic entity provided such inter action shall not in any way foster casteism, religious fanaticism or violent political activities.  Having laid down the wide parameters of the Association, it shall specifically strive to achieve or serve the following noble causes or aims :

  1. To be of service to the members of the Association in all walks of life so as to foster a feeling of trust, helpful attitude among themselves and also with public in general.
  2. To help create good will among members and also co-operate with other sister Associations having similar aims or activities.
  3. To go to the rescue or help of the public in general, and particularly Malayalee Community in the hour of natural calamities, social turmoil, disastrous events like accidents, hospitalization, etc.
  4. To foster social contact among themselves and members of other sister Associations, so as to act as a bridge and platform for healthy social, economic, cultural and sports activities, resulting in the removal of monotony of every day life and to foster a feeling of social strength and need for healthy inter dependence and friendship.
  5. To organize social events like periodical get together, celebrating of various festivals, marriages, funerals, particularly incorporating women, children and needy weaker section of the people among Malayalees.
  6. To make the members and others with whom we interact, aware of their duties as citizens as enshrined in Article 51A of the Constitution of India.
  7. To co-operate with sister Associations of Malayalees in other parts of the city in organizing mega socio-economic, cultural or sports activities.
  8. To strive and project the common legitimate demands of people in particular that of Keralites in and around Pune in an organized manner, making sure that the same do not become offensive to other sections of the society or public or appear to be paradoxical in nature.
  9. To inculcate among members a sense of honour and pride regarding their language, state of origin and its culture in all walks of life, as inherited from our ancestors so as to earn the appreciation and respect of Puneites in general; the need to learn/understand/respect local language, and also create awareness regarding local customs and culture so as to be integrated with them emotionally and culturally in all respect.